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Saint John Coptic Orthodox Church of Bromley Kent was originally established in 2007. We started with a very small congregation dedicated to bringing the rich Coptic Orthodox faith to the area while establishing dedicated facilities for them to practice their faith and instil these values in their children. The church is part of The Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, North East England and its affiliated regions. It is an Eparchy of the Coptic Orthodox Church under the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. The church is under the supervision of H. G. Bishop Antony.
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St Mary

Saint Mary, commonly referred to as the Theotokos or "God-bearer" within Orthodox traditions, holds an esteemed position in the Coptic Orthodox Church. She is considered the most revered among all saints, the Mother of God (Theotokos), and the first among humans to accept Christ. Saint Mary's life and role as the Mother of Jesus are emblematic of absolute obedience, love, faith, and humility in the face of God's will.

The story of her life, including the Annunciation, the Nativity, and other events, is deeply rooted in the theology, liturgy, and religious practices of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Saint Mary is celebrated with multiple feast days throughout the year, with the most significant being the Feast of the Assumption (known in the Coptic tradition as the Feast of the Dormition), which commemorates her death and assumption into heaven.

The Coptic Orthodox Church also dedicates the entire month of Kiahk (roughly corresponding to December in the Gregorian calendar) to the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. This period is filled with praises and hymns dedicated to the Theotokos and the mystery of the Incarnation. The Saturday night praise, known as "7 and 4" (referring to the number of Theotokia and Psali hymns), is particularly centred around honouring Saint Mary, expressing the Church's deep reverence for the Mother of God.
St. Mary, Mother Of God, Theotokos
St. Mary, Mother Of God, Theotokos
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St. John the Apostle, the Beloved, the Evangelist
St. John the Apostle, the Beloved, the Evangelist

St John

The Coptic Orthodox Church venerates John the Apostle as a saint and accords him a significant role in early Christianity. He is known as "St John the Beloved," reflecting the traditional identification of John as "the disciple whom Jesus loved," as mentioned in the Gospel of John. The Coptic Church, like many other Christian denominations, ascribes to him the authorship of the Gospel of John, the three Johannine epistles, and the Book of Revelation.

As the youngest of the disciples, John held a special place in Jesus's ministry. According to the Synaxarium of the Coptic Orthodox Church, John is remembered for his closeness to Jesus during His earthly life and his role as a pillar of the early Christian church. His Gospel, in particular, is greatly revered in the Coptic tradition for its emphasis on the divinity of Jesus Christ. In the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Feast of St. John is commemorated on the 4th of Toba in the Coptic calendar, which corresponds to January 13th in the Gregorian calendar.
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Our Bishop

H. G. Bishop Antony

H.G. Bishop Antony, born into the world as a Copt, heard the divine calling of Jesus Christ and chose to devote himself entirely to the service of God. In 1981, he committed to a life of spirituality and asceticism by entering the Anba Bishoy Monastery, a renowned Coptic Orthodox monastery situated in the Nitrian Desert of Egypt. This marked his formal entry into monastic life. Following rigorous spiritual disciplines and living an austere monastic life, he was ordained as a monk and later a priest. Upon his ordination, he was given the religious name of Father Akxious El Anba Bishoy, as per the Coptic tradition of bestowing a new name, signifying their spiritual rebirth.

Father Akxious then embarked on a spiritual mission beyond the confines of Egypt. His journey took him to Switzerland, where he continued his service to the Christian community. Subsequently, he expanded his mission to the Republic of Ireland and the British Isles, dedicating his life to the service of the Lord and the Christian community living in these regions.

The commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm with which Father Akxious served led to his elevation to a higher ecclesiastical rank. In 1995, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the 117th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, recognized his spiritual leadership and contributions. In a solemn and reverential ceremony, Pope Shenouda III ordained Father Akxious as a Bishop, giving him the new title of Bishop Antony.

This appointment was particularly significant as Bishop Antony became the first Bishop of the newly established Coptic Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, North East England, and its affiliated regions. This was a landmark event in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church, affirming its spread and influence outside of Egypt. Under his guidance, the Diocese flourished, strengthening the spiritual life of the Coptic Christians living there and ensuring the continuity of the Coptic faith and tradition. Bishop Antony's tenure was marked by the nurturing of spiritual growth and the establishment of community cohesion, making him a central figure in the expansion of the Coptic Church in these regions.

Bishop Antony Key dates

EventKey date
Ordained as a Monk (Fr. Axios Anba Bishoy)29/03/1981
Ordained as a Priest09/09/1984
Ordained as a Proto P.23/12/1989
Ordained as a bishop11/06/1995
H.G. Bishop Antony
H.G. Bishop Antony
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Our Clergy

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